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Costruzione moderna


U-AVITALIA mainly carries out its activity in the sector
aerospace and automation, boasts the constant
collaboration of professional experts with in-depth knowledge and
high-level work experience, more than thirty years, both in Italy and
abroad in the aerospace field.
U-AVITALIA also deals with the specific management of
Innovative technological content in the field of air transport e
related systems such as RPAS.
He has gained experience mainly in sectors, including the Development of
Business, Integration, Planning and Project Management e
Risk management, industrial development and innovation, of
programming of new technological products, promotion, aspects
Legal and Institutional Communication, certification
aeronautics / airworthiness and regulation.
It recently joined the AAM National Strategic Plan (2021-
2030) of the Advanced Air Mobility issued by Enac, ranking among the
protagonists, in the promotion and study of these new concepts of
intelligent mobility for the development of new freight transport systems
and people, as well as for the planning and implementation of
adequate logistic infrastructures.
U-Avitalia believes that the current mobility technology is formed by more
elements interconnected with each other and therefore mechanics, automation,
connection and new authorization rules require a vision
holistic and non-specialist in planning and production.


Donatello Gianni

President & Founder


Gennaro Maccarone

C.F.O. & Founder



Ing. Alessandro




Ing. Marco 




Ing. Panagiotis


Senior Consultant & Advisor

Ing. Cesare Dionisio Doctor in Electronic Engineering with specialization in
computer science
Senior Consultant and Advisor
Ing. Panagiotis Xefteris Aerospace doctor Engineering, University of Arizona,
Tucson, AZ, USA
Doctor Aeronautical Engineering, University of Rome, Italy
Aerospace Management and Engineering Senior Consultant
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